The Projection Room’s Oscar Predictions 2018 — Who Will Win?

It is that time of the year again. When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honours the best achievements made in the film industry the past year with the prestigious Oscar award. 2017 has been particularly impressive regarding the huge number of excellent films it has produced, ensuring that the 90th Academy Awards be fiercely competitive. Meanwhile, we here at TPR have tried our hand at predicting the winners to the best of our abilities. We expect that the list below should be a handy guide for what to expect at the 90th Oscars while also mentioning our choices as to who we felt deserved to win.

And the Oscar goes to…




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): The Shape of Water

Will winThe Shape of Water



Despite Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri bagging the BAFTA and the SAG awards, too many people are still divided over the film, with many criticizing its generous use of humour in light of its grim subject matter. Del Toro’s sublime masterpiece about the romance between a mute janitor and an amphibian man told with delicate grace, should find more favour with the Academy voters. With 13 nominations, The Shape of Water has our support for the Best Picture award.




And the nominees are…


Should win (TPR’s Pick): Daniel Day-Lewis (Phantom Thread)

Will winGary Oldman (Darkest Hour)


Even though we are backing the maestro of method-acting Daniel Day-Lewis for his fourth Oscar, as he bids farewell to the cinema industry, it seems inevitable that Gary Oldman will bag this prestigious award for his equally-deserving performance as Sir Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. Laden with prosthetics and makeup, Oldman crafts the most authentic portrayal of Churchill we have ever seen ― and it has helped him dominate every significant award ceremony leading up to the Oscars. This time won’t be any different.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick)Frances McDormand (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Will winFrances McDormand (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)



Among the women in leading roles, Frances McDormand is the clear favourite over her peers. With her passionate and gritty performance as the grieving mother, Mildred Hayes, in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, McDormand has established herself as someone who clearly deserves the award. One could think that Sally Hawkins might pull off an upset with an equally-deserving performance, especially since the Academy has been known to favour portrayals of sympathetic characters. But it is very unlikely in light of McDormand’s recent successes at the SAG and BAFTA.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)

Will win: Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri)



The four acting categories seem to have very clear frontrunners this year. Sam Rockwell has steamrolled through every major Supporting Actor award for his multifaceted role as officer Jason Dixon. Dumb, mean and funny, his character was a colourful one and was written by director Martin McDonagh keeping Rockwell in mind. And he does justice to it with aplomb. However, the Academy not nominating Michael Stuhlbarg for his incredible award-worthy performance in Call Me By Your Name is a snub not easy to digest. Also, it was quite a shocker that Jenkins got a nomination while Michael Shannon’s brilliant performance in The Shape of Water got ignored.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick)Allison Janney (I, Tonya)

Will winAllison Janney (I, Tonya)



This is a very tightly contested category, but we believe Allison Janney should rightfully win the Academy Award for her role as LaVona Harding in I, Tonya. She was excellent in her role, both during the “interview” in the film as well in the depiction of the events. She portrayed LaVona’s bad parenting skills and cunning nature brilliantly on screen. Everyone in this category was great in their respective roles, whether it was Octavia Spencer as Zelda, a cleaning lady in The Shape of Water or Lesley Manville as Cyril Woodcock in Phantom Thread, but the award slide has been with Janney and we expect her to take home the Oscar as well.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Coco

Will win: Coco



There’s no doubt in our minds that Coco should take the award in this category. From its pitch-perfect depiction of Mexico and its culture to its heartwarming story of a kid trying to be what he wants to, that is, to become a musician while making important observations about life, death and family, Coco is truly an extraordinary film. It is one of Pixar’s best films ever made and veteran director Lee Unkrich executes this beautiful film with lots of love and care. Coco has been getting accolades from all the award groups leading up to the Oscars, and we are confident it will bag the Academy award as well.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick)Blade Runner 2049 (Roger A. Deakins)

Will winBlade Runner 2049 (Roger A. Deakins)



This is the first time in this category’s history that a female cinematographer has been nominated. Rachel Morrison truly deserved the nomination for the gritty and intense cinematography in Mudbound. We also feel that Sayombhu Mukdeepom was unfairly snubbed of a nomination for his work in Call Me By Your Name. But Roger Deakins should finally get the one award that has eluded him his entire life for his stunning camerawork in Blade Runner 2049 and if the awards buzz is to be believed, then he will. Blade Runner 2049 had some of the most exquisite camerawork and visually breathtaking scenes among all the films released this year and Deakins totally deserves the accolades that have been coming his way.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Phantom Thread (Jonny Greenwood)

Will win: The Shape of Water (Alexandre Desplat)



While we can’t stop listening to Jonny Greenwood’s majestic score, composed of looping, muted piano themes and grand orchestrations that perfectly capture the balance between Alma and Reynolds in Phantom Thread, the critics seem to favour Alexandre Desplat more. Buoyant and oozing with tenderness, The Shape Of Water is equally deserving to win the award, with Desplat composing a phenomenal score that equates the feeling of floating in water with the feeling of love. Needless to say, we would be happy with either of these two bagging the award.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Mystery Of Love” from Call Me by Your Name

Will win: “Remember Me” from Coco



While Sufjan Stevens’ Mystery of Love perfectly encapsulates the film Call Me By Your Name, Remember Me from Coco will probably bag this award. Tender, heart-wrenching and emotionally moving, Remember Me is a beautiful addition to any playlist and a deserving winner of the award, particularly due to the sadder version of the song used in a scene. We will be lying if we said that we did not tear up during that moment. Performed by many during the course of the film, the versions of Gael García Bernal and Anthony Gonzalez stand out.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Call Me by Your Name

Will winCall Me by Your Name



Nearly 90-year old James Ivory’s screenplay, adapted from Andre Aciman’s novel, has earned kudos from numerous award groups and critics. His warm depiction of the Italian summer with Elio and Oliver’s romance blossoming, pure and uninhibited, is a tale that should echo for years to come. In a relatively not-so-strong category, Call Me by Your Name is the overwhelming favourite.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Will win: Get Out



We were very impressed by Martin McDonagh’s screenplay for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, especially with his ability to delicately balance humour and pathos to create drama that is simultaneously thought-provoking and entertaining. However, Jordan Peele’s biting social thriller, that almost plays like a horror movie, seems to have had a far bigger impact on the industry with the way it portrays racial tensions. And as such, Get Out looks like the frontrunner to bag the Original Screenplay award at the Oscars.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): Loveless (Russia; Directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev)

Will winA Fantastic Woman (Chile; Directed by Sebastián Lelio)



Andrey Zvyagintsev’s breathtaking masterpiece Loveless should be a no-brainer winner in this category. With superb acting performances backed by a simple script and tremendous camera and sound work which keeps you hooked to the screen, Zvyagintsev repeats the kind of impact he created with The Return. But Sebastian Lelio’s A Fantastic Woman will likely take home the award due to its portrayal of the life of a transgender woman, played by an actual transgender woman. In the present scenario of the LGBTQ rights, where more and more people are fighting for them, A Fantastic Woman is politically significant and the Academy has a bias towards films relating to or addressing current affairs (which is how The Salesman won over Toni Erdmann last year).




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick)Baby Driver (Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos)

Will win: Dunkirk (Lee Smith)



Like in all of Edgar Wright’s other films, editing is the hero in Baby Driver as well. Jonathan Amos and Paul Machliss’s excellent editing work is praiseworthy as Baby Driver is unique as a movie. It is a movie which is completely set on a rhythm, something that is not on the face but you are aware of this while watching the film. The car chases and action sequences matched perfectly with a brilliant soundtrack, we loved Baby Driver’s editing and think it deserves to take home the Oscar. But we can’t help but feel that Dunkirk will bag this award. Terrifying without any actual terror and unnerving without trial, Dunkirk‘s editing is a gem when you consider the three timelines running simultaneously. Another nail in the coffin is the fact that it won the coveted American Cinema Editors award.




And the nominees are…



Should win (TPR’s Pick): The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro)

Will winThe Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro)



No surprises here. Guillermo del Toro has this category locked down for his near-impeccable The Shape Of Water, with an outlandish script which he handles with grace and subtlety. Nolan might be equally deserving here, with his monumental effort in Dunkirk, but Del Toro with his DGA Awards win and a slew of other important awards already to his name, is the clear favourite. We do sorely regret not seeing Luca Guadagnino’s name on the nominees’ list though.



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Do you agree with our predictions? Let us know in the comments below.

When not watching films or TV series, Shaswata can usually be found either reviewing them or battling writer’s block. His obsession lies with framing and composition in cinema, something he explores by capturing the most memorable moments through screenshots and sharing them on social media.

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  1. nagavardhan says:

    i agree most of the choices you have chosen…..except the best picture….i think my prediction is ” three billboards outside ebbing” …and the best director is ” gullimero del toro ” -the shape of water…. rest of all the choices i agree with them…..

    1. Shaswata Ray says:

      Hello nagavardhan!

      Thanks for reading. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a great film indeed and definitely deserves to win. Although that can probably be said for almost all the nominees this year.

      As for Best Directing, you’ll find that your prediction matches ours as we too have predicted that Guillermo del Toro will win for The Shape of Water. Only time will tell!

      Again, thanks for reading and please do check out our other articles in the site.

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