Freaks and Geeks : A One of a Kind One Season Wonder

Growing up, we have all watched different sitcoms or serials which we loved more because of how relatable it was to us or how we wanted our lives to exist in the serial’s world, rather than the content. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. because I love the idea of six best friends sharing their entire life together through thick and thin. I really liked That 70’s Show because the characters are almost as old as I am and their problems are very relatable almost all of the time.

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Freaks and Geeks is one such show which I watched very recently but has become very close to my heart, not only because it’s actually very good but also for how relatable it was.
All of us have been through high school so we will understand the atmosphere of Freaks and Geeks well. The academic and family expectation problems, romance, and thirst for adventure are things we have all experienced during our high school days.

Freaks and Geeks centers mainly around the life of a brother and his elder sister, studying in a high school in suburb Detroit, Lindsay and Sam Weir, along with their respective friend circles, the older “freaks” for Lindsay and the younger “geeks” for Sam and their parents, Harold and Jean Weir.

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What I love about this show, as I mentioned before, is that this is a brilliant portrayal of a high school full of all sorts of characters and experiences which all of us have gone through in the same time in our lives. Romantic urges for the first time, watching pornography for the first time, trying to break the laws and rules that we are always said we were supposed to follow, secretly trying out alcohol and marijuana, and so much more. In our school life, we have all seen or been either the geeks or the freaks and all of us have wanted to be like them.

Freaks and Geeks is not a perfect show, but it’s a show with a lot of feels and emotion.
The show is set in 1980’s suburban Detroit, long before the age of the internet and smartphones and social networks. The town is boring and there’s really nothing interesting going on in it at all. The bond between the characters with their friends is real and strong, with no amount of pretence, whether they bond over a keg of beer or over a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

The show makes us all revisit the many “firsts” of our lives: the first crush in high school over a senior, the first time falling in love hopelessly with a girl, that first time when you gathered some courage, lied to your parents and went to a party or a movie, that first time of doing something you’ve known is illegal, like drinking alcohol or smoking a joint, the first time a friend or a cousin sent you straight to heaven by passing you a CD or a pen drive full of pornography.

Harold and Jean Weir are not the ideal parents, but they, especially Jean, had the back of their children whenever they needed. Harold is portrayed as an orthodox and strict father but some of his actions throughout the series will make you laugh and melt your heart.

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Along with the many firsts, Freaks and Geeks gives you some really important life lessons. Paul Feig and Judd Apatow really understand the average teenager very well and it shows from the way the episodes are scripted. It shows us how we are all bound to lose touch with our childhood friends at some point or the other, how the girl or boy being cute or beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean they would become a good partner, how our first relationships are bound to fail almost always, how we all give in to peer pressure and many many other things.

Freaks and Geeks introduces you (if you haven’t been introduced already) to a whole lot of rock bands and artists like Van Halen, Kiss, Santana, Ted Nugent, Queen and The Grateful Dead to name a few. Van Halen songs make regular appearances in the soundtrack signifying the rising rock scene of that time and representing the kind of music the “freaks” were aligned towards. The show makes several pop culture references like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot of times throughout the course of the eighteen episodes.

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Now, the sad part is, Freaks and Geeks only has one season consisting of eighteen episodes. I have no idea how, but due to a difference in opinion, executive producer Judd Apatow left the show before the second season and the show was cancelled. Although in the future, there were many talks of a revival, nothing actually took place. Most of the show’s lead cast went on to become big shots in the entertainment industry. James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini are big names in the Hollywood and TV industry. John Francis Daley has a made a repute for himself in the TV world and most recently co-wrote the script for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Spiderman: Homecoming.

As an already big fan of the show, I would love it if this show gets a renewal. Maybe not with the old cast, but a new set of characters. Somehow, this show, with its single season, has become very close to my heart. It is feel good and is a nice escape from the monotony of everyday life with it’s relaxed and funny vibes. So if you haven’t watched it yet, put it on your watchlist or start with it as soon as possible and I’m sure by the time you finish the 18 episodes, you would wish this never ended and let’s hope we do get to this see this back on TV sometime soon, now that Netflix has taken it upon themselves to renew old shows, examples being Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls.

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