Avengers: Infinity War (2018)- Top 5 Moments From The Infinity Spectacular

“You’re strong. But I could snap my fingers, and you’d all cease to exist.”

So the right question right now will be how many times have you watched Avengers: Infinity War? As I gear up for my third watch, I managed to list five of my favourite scenes in the movie, what they mean and their consequences, if any.

But before I start off, let me just let you guys know how heartbroken and mind-blown I was. After a series of underwhelming super-hero movies since the last year, I’ll admit that I was a bit afraid of Infinity War not performing up to everybody’s high expectations. The hype was too much after a decade of patient waiting. And Marvel delivered, and how! I cried, I laughed and I loved every bit of it. And I think Infinity War is one of those very few super-hero movies that actually got better with a second watch as I understood more, I felt more. So without further ado, here are my top five favourite moments from Avengers: Infinity War, without any specific ranking.

Thanos, The Mad Titan

Groot’s Bravery

Yes, I loved Groot. His teenage angst, his love for video games, what’s not to love? I loved how Thor took the Groot language as his elective back in Asgard and I loved their team-up with Rocket. When they reach Nidavellir and Eitri, the dwarf finds it hard to create Stormbreaker, it is Groot who steps up and helps Eitri. I swear I had goosebumps that time and never have I ever shouted this loud in excitement.


When Groot ceases to exist, I couldn’t bear to look at his sad face. I mean, how many times does Rocket have to pass through the same pain and anguish of losing his friend in front of his own eyes? Wikipedia, though being not too reliable, does not mention Vin Diesel (Groot) and Bradley Cooper (Rocket) in the lead cast list but I’m pretty sure that the adorable team with the ‘sweet rabbit’ will return for the next instalment. Now in the comics, much is said about Groot’s history and his necessity for his species’ limited vocabulary. However, in the MCU, it seems that Groot is now a spoken language. Not that I’m complaining, in fact, I want it to my elective subject as well.

Teenager Groot With Rocket

Thor With The Stormbreaker

Finally, Thor is the God he was meant to be. For me, he was the best thing about Avengers: Infinity War, stealing the limelight away in every scene. I don’t think any other scene gave me such excitement as the scenes where Thor creates a ruckus with his powerful Stormbreaker. To be frank, after Mjolnir was gone, Thor had pretty much resorted to humour, which, I, for one didn’t enjoy much. In this movie, he explains to Rocket why rage, vengeance, anger and loss are his greatest motivators in life and smiles while tearing up. Now, that was beautiful and precious!

Do you remember Thor from Thor (2011)? When I compare the present brave hero with the past immature one, the character development surely amazes me. I remember the scene when Odin declares Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to be greedy, vain and cruel before casting him out to Earth from Asgard. Two sequels later, Odin would be a proud father today!

Now the movie clearly depicts Ironman and Thor to be the strongest Avengers and I have a feeling that these two will be mostly responsible for Thanos’ end. Maybe this is why Dr. Strange gave up the time stone so as to spare Tony Stark’s life.

Thor With His Stormbreaker

Tony Stark’s Nano-tech

That was really impressive, indeed! His newest Ironman suit is kind of similar to the recent Marvel comics and is of great help when Thanos and Ironman have a face-off in the former’s home planet. Let’s just hope Shuri and Tony Stark get to work together on the suit for the next time and for all I care, Shuri could be the Riri of MCU, when Tony Stark retires from the Avengers.

Also, did you notice Spiderman’s new suit in Avengers: Infinity War? We catch the first glimpse of the amazing Iron-Spider suit in Spiderman Homecoming and I was pretty excited for it this time. If you have noticed, Tony calls the suit 17A, which means he has gone through a lot of changes and trials-and-errors before finalising on this astounding suit. The metallic touch to the suit makes it look quite similar to Ironman’s suit in the movies.

Thanos’ Point Of View:

Well, the live-action Thanos we have previously seen in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1 was pretty much different from the one we see in Avengers: Infinity War. This one is less menacing and I almost sympathised with him when he sacrificed his favourite daughter, Gamora for the Soul Stone. His tears felt real, his hurt seemed understandable and genuine. However, I still do not get the mad Titan’s logic about wiping out half of the universe. Yeah. I get his “too many mouths to feed” point but lesser the living population, lesser the food resources too, right? Maybe, this is why he is the Mad Titan after all.

Nebula, daughter of Thanos, as seen in Infinity Gauntlet.

Anyway, even if the favourite daughter of Thanos passes away, Nebula lives. So there are high chances that she will avenge her sister’s death and if the Russo brothers take inspiration from the Infinity Gauntlet comics, Nebula might herself be able to reverse the tragic happenings of this movie, with the help of Thor and Ironman, of course!

Another scene which I really loved was the ending when Thanos seemed to enjoy the sunset somewhere, peacefully, as he had apparently always wanted. Again, in Infinity Gauntlet, there is a very similar scene as well where Thanos peacefully farms after wiping out half of the universe.

Thanos In Infinity Gauntlet

Spiderman’s Death:

Well, Spiderman’s death is not actually death per se, because he just ceases to exist. And when Peter utters “Mr Stark, Mr Stark, I don’t wanna go”, it absolutely broke my heart and I started crying hysterically. While the other Avengers hardly realised that they were about to die, our Peter realised it much before his death, thanks to his new spidey senses tingling.

I am not even a fan of Tom Holland’s Spiderman but this was the saddest part of the movie, at least for me. and knowing that Tom Holland had actually improvised this scene, I just died a little bit inside.

Tom Holland As Spiderman


Before I finish up on my discussion here, I’d like a Special Mention about the villains of Avengers: Infinity War. I loved Ebony Maw and I absolutely worshipped the super-villain Proxima Midnight. She is as sexy as Hela and I absolutely treasured her scenes! The scenes feel organic and do not force too much humour into it, thankfully.

I cannot get why people are complaining about the movie being too crowded and long because even after 2.5 hours of watching, I did not want it to end. Having said this, I absolutely cannot wait for Avengers 4 and here’s hoping Star-Lord actually learns something from his grave mistake.

Images Courtesy: Marvel

So, have you watched the movie, yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.


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