Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) Review — As Good as the First

Taking a spirit that’s mostly exuberant, the Ant-Man and the Wasp provides the fans with a welcome change of pace. The movie has an unmistakable sense of fun. It was a much-needed hiatus after the grim ending of Avengers: Infinity War.

Occurring not long after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the new film opens with Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) under house arrest for his role in the massive destruction caused during that Cap vs Iron Man showdown in Germany. We also find Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), daughter of atomic scientist Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), taking up the mantle of the Wasp.

We see Scott balancing his house arrest and entertaining his daughter, Cassie; and doing a fantastic job at that. The story changes its pace when Scott has a seemingly weird dream about young Hope playing hide-and-seek with her mother.

Michael Peña reprises his role as the ex-convict/business partner Luis who is the prime comic-relief in the entire movie. The action scenes are exhilarating how the Wasp changes her size when fighting the bad guys.

Michael Peña as Luis. Image Credits: Marvel Studios


As one might remember in the previous film Ant-Man, Scott gains access to the Quantum Realm and also manages to return back from there. This makes Hank Pym rethink his idea of the Quantum Realm and make plans to rescue his wife Janet Van Dyne, played by the legendary actress Michelle Pfeiffer. In Ant-Man and the Wasp he, along with his daughter develop a new technology called the Quantum Tunnel, through which they can go to a specific location of the Quantum Realm. The movie continually focuses on the family relations, especially that of a father and a daughter. We find a dynamic relationship between a father and a daughter in Hank and Hope, and the same is reflected in Scott and Cassie, time and again.

Everything moves smoothly through the film until the introduction of the antagonist Ghost a.k.a Ava Starr. Ghost, played by the beautiful Hannah John-Kamen, is one of the weak characters in the movie. In addition to the absence of an acceptable motive, her acting prowess is not at all admirable in here. The only thing exciting about the entire Ghost saga was her ability to Quantum phase. In simple words, Ghost was at times intangible to the material world.

Ghost. Image Credits: Marvel Studios

Starting from cars to an entire laboratory building is squeezed to minuscule size and again, back to its original form in the nick of time and just by the help of a remote.

During one such instance, when the lab was being taken from one place to another, it is taken away by Ghost. In order to track it down, they employ the help of Hank’s former partner Dr Bill Foster. In the comics, Foster was a superhero going by the name of Black Goliath. Probably, in reference to that, Foster mentions that during the time Hank and he used to work together, Foster was Goliath to Hank’s Ant-Man.

We get to see a larger Giant Man, than the 65 feet tall one in Captain America: Civil War. As expected, Stan Lee has a cameo in the movie, where he plays a regular bystander whose car gets reduced in size during one of the fights.

Giant Man. Image Credits: Marvel Studios

The mid-credits scene was the most important scene in the entire film.

We get to know that Ava/Ghost still suffers from the same condition and needs a particular kind of healing particles available only in the quantum realm. Hank Pym, Janet and Hope have built a miniaturised version of the Quantum Tunnel. Scott prepares himself to go inside the Quantum Realm, once again, when Janet Van Dyne warns him about some of the specific dangers of that place. Of a lot many things, a single term caught my attention. The warning, used in a most nonchalant way, was to stay away from the Time Vortexes. As many of us know, the most popular theory regarding Avengers 4 doing the rounds of the internet right now is that the remaining members of the Avengers travel to the past to fix the events which happened due to the finger-snap by the Mad Titan. This mere mention of time vortex puts fuel to that fire.

Once inside the Quantum Realm, Scott collects the said particles and asks to be brought back. All he hears from the other side is silence. Hank, Janet and Hope came under the half of the universe which perished. There was a collective gasp in my theatre when the audience understood the implications.

There is a second post-credits scene which shows the ant still replicating the behaviour of Scott Lang, which tells us that this scene is also post-snap and Scott, presumably, is still trapped in the Quantum Realm.

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